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Formerly Old Smithy Clock Restorers

Clock Movements Clock Mechanism

Refurbishment, restoration and repair service.

Service and restoration on all mechanical movements to the highest standards. All work considered from simple clean and service to total restoration and manufacture of damaged or missing parts.

Unlike most so-called clock repairers, we do not simply give the movement a quick clean. We strip down the whole movement and clean every part, replacing or repairing all that needs to be done. We clean all the parts and rebuild the movement replacing it back into the case. This is time consuming and can be more expensive than a 'wash and brush up' that most people do. The bonus is, the clock will run like new and be ready for many more years service.
In short, - we do not cut corners. We give you a thorough and honest service.

Sewing Machines Clock case

Sewing Machine Repair and refurbishment

We undertake restoration of most sewing machines including industrial types.
In general, modern sewing machines do not need a great deal of work in the matter of repairs, but if a machine has been standing or has been used a great deal, they can require a service now and then. Fabric creates a great deal of debris over the years and this can clog up the moving parts and soak up any lubrication.
A clean and service can keep a machine running more efficiently and quieter ensuring a better working life.

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